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Thickness requirements for galvanized wire rope?

Author: Jiangyin Gaosheng Metal Manufacture Co., Ltd. Source: Date of issue: 2019-04-26

 In the past, the core of galvanized steel wire rope was made of sisal and jute. However, polypropylene has been used as the core because these materials are easy to absorb acid, alkali, sea water and other corrosive substances when they are working, resulting in early corrosion and broken wire of inner steel wire. The twisting of galvanized steel wire rope is the same as that of common round steel wire rope, but according to the working conditions of steel wire rope, there are different requirements for the thickness of galvanized layer of raw steel wire: special and I galvanized steel wire rope with diameter of 0.2-5.0 mm. The thickness of galvanized layer can be divided into three galvanized steel wire rope groups: the zinc content on thin coating group is 15-135 g/m2, which is used for mild corrosion conditions; the zinc content on medium coating group is 60-200. G/m2 for medium corrosion condition and 75-260 g/m2 for severe corrosion condition in thick galvanizing group. In order to ensure the quality of steel wire rope, the surface of galvanized steel wire should be smooth, complete, uniform and firm. When the galvanized steel wire is spirally wound on the core rod whose diameter is 5 or 10 times that of the steel wire, the zinc layer should not fall off or crack. Corrosion resistance of galvanized coatings should also be tested accordingly.


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