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Criteria for appraisal of scrap of wire rope and rope

Author: Jiangyin Gaosheng Metal Manufacture Co., Ltd. Source: Date of issue: 2019-04-26

Wire rope has the advantages of high tensile strength, good impact resistance, long service life, small use elongation, good grooving, good flexibility resistance. It is suitable for long-distance, large-distance and high-speed transportation of materials. The product is composed of core glue, wire rope, covering layer and side wire rope conveyor belt glue. Wire rope conveyor belt is composed of core glue, wire rope, cage cover and edge glue. It has the advantages of mildew proof, moth proof, ageing proof, good heat resistance, high tear resistance and renewal after the surface of the belt is damaged. It has high tensile strength. Good impact resistance, long service life, small elongation, good grooving, good flexibility, suitable for long interval, long haul, high-speed conveying materials. Wire rope conveyor belt is suitable for material transportation under tear-proof conditions in coal mines, ports, electric power, metallurgy, building materials and other industries. It can be used for long-distance, large-span, large-volume and high-speed material transportation.
When wire breakage occurs at or near the sheath end of the wire rope, even if the number is small, it indicates that the stress in the part is very high, which may be caused by incorrect installation of the rope end. The cause of damage should be identified. If the length of the rope is allowed, the broken wire should be cut off and re-installed reasonably. If the broken wires close together form local aggregation, the wire rope sheath should be scrapped.
If the broken wires are concentrated in a rope length less than 6 days or in any strand, the steel rope sheath should be scrapped even if the number of broken wires is less than the values listed in the table.
In some cases, fatigue is the main cause of wire rope damage. Wire breakage occurs only after a period of use, but the number of broken wires increases gradually, and the time interval becomes shorter and shorter. In this case, in order to determine the increase rate of broken wire, it is necessary to carefully examine and record the increase of broken wire. This "rule" can be used to determine the future abandonment date of wire rope. If the whole strand breaks, the wire rope should be scrapped. When the diameter of the wire rope is significantly reduced due to the damage of the fiber core or the breakage of the steel core, the wire rope should be scrapped.


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