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What about wire rope deformation?

Author: Jiangyin Gaosheng Metal Manufacture Co., Ltd. Source: Date of issue: 2019-04-26

Wire rope is often used in construction. Wire rope takes a long time to operate and is frequently used. So the deformation of wire rope is normal. So how to deal with the deformation of wire rope?
(1) Wave: The longitudinal axis of stainless steel wire rope is helical. In case of wave shape, if the length of stainless steel wire rope does not exceed 25d, if D1 > 4d/3, the wire rope shall be scrapped.
(2) Twist: Twist is a kind of deformation caused by the tightening of stainless steel wire rope in a ring which can not rotate around its axis. The result is that uneven twist spacing results in extra wear and tear. In severe cases, the wire rope will be twisted, leaving only a small part of the strength of the wire. Seriously twisted stainless steel wire rope should be scrapped immediately.
(3) Partial flattening: The flattening of stainless steel wire rope is caused by mechanical accident. In serious cases, the wire rope should be scrapped.
(4) Bending: Bending is the angular deformation of stainless steel wire rope caused by external influence. The stainless steel wire rope with this deformation should be scrapped immediately.


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What about wire rope deformation?

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